After the first plans to use poultry manure as fuel for green energy, a lot of hard work went into establishing BMC Moerdijk. The creation of BMC Moerdijk was made possible by our shareholders ZEH Energy BV, NCB Participaties, and Coöperatie DEP.

ZEH Energy

ZEH Energy BV (ZEH), based in Zeeland, is a 100% subsidiary of ZEH NV and was created in 2023 by the restructuring of PZEM NV. With a small, dynamic team, ZEH is working on the advocacy of various participations, including EPZ Borssele, NPG Willebroek and of course BMC Moerdijk. ZEH holds 50% of our shares.

NCB Participaties

NCB Participaties is part of NCB Ontwikkeling (NCB); an investment company affiliated with the ZLTO. For 125 years, NCB has aimed to strengthen the position of Dutch agriculture and horticulture. They do this partly by investing the assets in strategic participation. NCB holds 33.14 percent of BMC Moerdijk’s shares.

Coöperatie DEP

Over four hundred motivated poultry farmers work together with BMC Moerdijk to produce green electricity. They are united in the Coöperatie Duurzame Energieproductie Pluimveehouderij (DEP). This cooperative offers poultry farmers guaranteed poultry manure disposal at a competitive price. DEP holds 16.86 per cent of the shares.