BMC Moerdijk processes poultry manure day and night. This provides poultry farmers with sales security and ensures that poultry manure is processed safely and sustainably. Thanks to the production of green electricity, this results in a significant reduction of CO₂ emissions from fossil fuel consumption.

Reliable and secure processing

Poultry farmers can fully focus on the production of meat or eggs because BMC Moerdijk offers sales security. This also applies in crisis situations. We process the manure 24/7 in a controlled and reliable process and produce green electricity and a hygienic, effective PK fertilizer. The fact that the manure is collected immediately has a positive effect on the overall farm hygiene on the poultry farm. Attention to the quality of poultry manure — such as the dry matter percentage — also improves the living environment of the chicken.

All supplying poultry farmers produce sufficient energy for their own companies’ consumption as well as enough to provide for the energy consumption of 45.000 households. They are proud of that and so are we!

Efficient and flexible logistics, ample storage options

Our suppliers ensure the supply of poultry manure on a daily basis. Each transport has a unique number and is equipped with an approved AGR-GPS tracker. This makes a transport fully traceable and verifiable for ourselves and the authorities. We also weigh each load and measure, by means of a sample, whether the manure meets the quality requirements. We unload the approved manure in our storage area. In total, BMC Moerdijk has two storage areas on its own site. Thanks to our storage facilities as well as our flexible and reliable logistics, poultry farmers are assured that the poultry manure will be collected.

Working together for green energy

Our power plant can produce 600 kWh net of green energy from one tonne of poultry manure. Adequate supplies of manure are required to ensure that the process proceeds well in the power plant. This amounts to an average of 1.250 tonnes of manure per day. This quality of the manure is also crucial. The fresher the manure , the better. To illustrate this, approx. 400 poultry farmers together produce sufficient green energy for their own companies’ consumption as well as enough to provide for the energy consumption of 45.000 households. By reducing CO₂ and ammonia emissions, we are jointly contributing to the realization of the 2030 climate targets.

Cooperation with Coöperatie DEP

80% of the poultry manure we process is supplied by members of Coöperatie DEP (Duurzame Energieproductie Pluimveehouderij). This cooperative is a co-initiator and one of the shareholders of BMC Moerdijk. There are about 400 poultry farmers affiliated to Coöperatie DEP. Subsidiary company Orgafert BV arranges the logistics of this poultry manure.

Do you want to supply poultry manure to BMC Moerdijk?

We would be happy to tell you how you can become one of our suppliers.

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Frequently asked questions

Why specifically poultry manure?

Poultry manure is highly suitable for our treatment process, as it is dry enough to ‘stack’ by nature. There is enough energy in it to convert into electricity and no pre-processing is needed. As a result, the processing produces net energy.

Can I deliver my poultry manure?

Definitely, we would be happy to get in touch with you for this purpose. You can enter your contact details here.

What quality requirements must the poultry manure meet?

We accept poultry manure containing at least 55% dry matter. The poultry manure can contain some straw, but only if the parts of straw are shorter than five centimetres.

How much energy does one tonne of poultry manure produce?

One tonne of poultry manure generates about 600 kWh of electricity. An average electric car can drive 3.333 km with this (at an average consumption of 18kWh per 100 kilometres).

Bird flu infections have been confirmed at my farm, can I deliver my poultry manure?

If the poultry manure meets the quality requirements, we can safely process it. You can always contact us to discuss the possibilities.