BMC Moerdijk ready for the future after major overhaul

BMC Moerdijk resumed the incineration of poultry manure on Tuesday, 7 August. The major overhaul lasted 6.5 weeks longer than planned as a result of additional work on the steam turbine. The plant can now continue until at least 2029.

In early May, BMC Moerdijk started the execution of the major overhaul. After ten years of production, it was necessary to inspect and overhaul all the important parts of the plant. The scheduled comprehensive inspection of the turbine revealed that more work was needed than originally anticipated. This extra work meant that the overhaul took 6.5 weeks longer than planned.

‘Now that this major overhaul has been successfully completed, we can reliably process poultry manure, produce renewable electricity, and produce ash that is used as agricultural fertilizer for many years to come,’ says Luc Westdorp — operational director of BMC Moerdijk. BMC Moerdijk processes about 430,000 tonnes of poultry manure annually. This is about one third of all poultry manure in the Netherlands.