BMC Moerdijk resumes processing of fipronil poultry manure

As of Thursday 27 September, BMC resumed its processing of fipronil poultry manure in response to requests from the poultry sector.

This was announced by BMC Moerdijk on Thursday 27 September. BMC’s process of thermally converting the poultry manure is the best available technique for processing fipronil. The substance fipronil is guaranteed to break down due to the high temperature of the incineration process. In 2017, BMC already processed 25,000 tonnes of fipronil poultry manure. In May 2018, the power plant was shut down due to planned major maintenance. Now, the power plant is up and running again. Affected poultry farmers can once again have Fipronil poultry manure processed in Moerdijk as of Thursday, 27 September.

A minimum of 55 per cent dry matter

Like last year, there are some conditions for the offered Fipronil poultry manure. For example, the poultry manure supplied must contain at least 55 per cent dry matter and must be free of foreign bodies. The processing rate for 2018 is €80 per tonne (excl. 21 per cent VAT) and the costs of transport are borne by the poultry farmer, as they were in 2017.

The fact that poultry farmers who do not have a contract with BMC Moerdijk have to pay for a service that other poultry farmers pay for is only fair, says Kees de Regt, Managing Director of BMC Moerdijk. He said, when asked about the processing rate, ‘The energy content of the fipronil poultry manure stored by poultry farmers has decreased, so we are producing less electricity from it. Furthermore, market conditions in the poultry manure market have changed significantly. This makes the sale of already contracted poultry manure elsewhere more expensive for us. We also have a considerable stock of poultry manure ourselves. This means additional costs and risks for BMC. That is why this processing fee exists. I understand very well that it is not nice to hear. At the same time, our rate is at the lower end of what other processors have charged so far.’