BMC Moerdijk signs KeurMest® code of conduct

By signing the KeurMest® code of conduct, BMC Moerdijk has endorsed the plan to arrive at a fully transparent and certified poultry manure chain. According to director De Regt, KeurMest® is entirely in line with what BMC stands for: dealing carefully with poultry manure, with maximum reuse of valuable substances.

The KeurMest® code of conduct is an important first step in the action plan ‘Working Together in a Fair Chain.’ BMC’s Kees de Regt says, ‘By signing the Code of Conduct, BMC Moerdijk makes it clear that we deal with poultry manure entirely according to the rules. Furthermore, this makes clear that we only do business with companies that take responsibility like we do. In the register, we can see which farmers and transporters they are. We and other such companies can seek out and also call each other to account when we think we can do better.’

The initiators of the action plan ‘Working Together in a Fair Chain’ are LTO Nederland, the Producenten Organisatie Varkenshouderij (POV), CUMELA Nederland, Transport en Logistiek Nederland (TLN) and Rabobank. Signing up to KeurMest® must eventually lead to, among other things, a transparent mineral administration system. The underlying idea is that society should be able to count on healthy food, produced in a sustainable manner and with consideration for people, animals, and the environment.

By signing the code of conduct, BMC Moerdijk makes clear that we handle manure in accordance with the rules.