From an environmental perspective, converting poultry manure to electricity is the best option

Burning poultry manure to generate electricity is the best form of processing poultry manure, from an environmental perspective.

This is shown in a study by CE Delft commissioned by BMC Moerdijk. CE Delft compared nine ways, from the chicken to the field, in which poultry manure can be used and studied their environmental impacts. The most effective way is for poultry manure to be burnt at the poultry farm and converted into electricity because then the residual heat can be used to heat the stables. The incineration of poultry manure at BMC Moerdijk scored second best.


CE Delft concluded that BMC Moerdijk also leaves opportunities unused. For example, the environmental benefit can be increased by using the available residual heat. Furthermore, CE Delft states that the transport of poultry manure and poultry manure ash at BMC could be made more efficient.