Gerd-Jan de Leeuw appointed as new general manager at BMC Moerdijk

Gerd-Jan de Leeuw took on the role of Managing Director of BMC Moerdijk as of 1 May. He succeeds Kees de Regt, who is retiring. De Regt took on the role of general manager in 2015.

De Leeuw started his career at BMC Moerdijk in 2011 as a management trainee. He studied Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management at Delft University of Technology as well as business administration at the Rotterdam School of Management. From 1 May, he will lead BMC Moerdijk together with the current operational director Luc Westdorp.

At BMC Moerdijk, De Leeuw was responsible for, among other things, the supply and quality of poultry manure. For example, he was involved in the conclusion of the agreement with which poultry farmers could once again be sure of the long-term sale of their poultry manure from 2018 onwards. He also successfully sold the fertilizer based on the poultry manure produced in several European Member States. As general director, De Leeuw will focus on — among other things — the continuation and expansion of the social contribution. ‘We see opportunities to boost that contribution by increasing and optimizing the use of residual flows,’ says De Leeuw.

We will continue to make our unique contribution to the energy transition and the sustainability of agriculture in Europe.

BMC Moerdijk is the only power plant in Europe that converts poultry manure into green electricity and an inorganic fertilizer. The company processes about a third of the poultry manure available in the Netherlands and thus produces green electricity for the poultry farms that supply poultry manure to BMC Moerdijk as well as 45,000 households. The produced poultry manure ash contains mainly nutrients such as phosphate and potassium and is used as fertilizer by arable farmers in Europe. The production method as applied by BMC Moerdijk has proven to be reliable and delivers significant environmental benefits.