PZEM and BMC underline the importance of sustainability.

BMC Moerdijk and PZEM have entered into an agreement for the purchase of all net produced electricity and Guarantees of Origin from BMC Moerdijk. It is an exclusive agreement for the period from 16 September 2018 to 31 December 2029 and concerns approximately 250 GWh per year. This represents a unique moment for both PZEM and BMC Moerdijk.

The BMC Moerdijk power plant processes one-third of the total production of poultry manure in the Netherlands each year. By burning the poultry manure, BMC generates about 285 GWh of renewable electricity per year. BMC reduces both CO2 and ammonia emissions and ensures that valuable minerals such as phosphorus and potassium can be reused in agriculture. Research bureau CE Delft has shown that this is the most attractive method for processing poultry manure from an environmental perspective.

Source: www.energienieuws.info