The end of the first decade will be reached at the end of 2017. With this milestone approaching rapidly, BMC Moerdijk signed a new agreement with the DEP Cooperative in 2016 for the continued delivery and processing of poultry litter. The new agreement for the next supply term takes effect on 1 January 2018 and runs until 2030.


Shortly after announcing the new rates and conditions, a majority of poultry farmers affiliated with the DEP renewed their commitment. BMC Moerdijk can continue producing energy through the year 2030 as a result. And the poultry farmers are assured of both an outlet for their manure and an economic advantage.


What will happen after 2030? From a technical perspective, the power plant can continue operating until around the year 2045. But BMC Moerdijk will be considering the future far in advance of 2030. Whether BMC can continue in the same manner depends on, amongst other things, rates in the energy market, the availability of poultry litter, and the demand for minerals like phosphate and potassium.