The following three partners form the foundation of the successful BMC Moerdijk power plant. 

Coöperatie DEP

First and foremost, the poultry farmers who have united in the DEP Cooperative. They combine their share ownership with the supply of poultry litter, the fuel used to power the plant. DEP is a cooperative established to guarantee the supply of poultry litter to BMC Moerdijk. More than 600 poultry farmers are currently a member of the DEP Cooperative. The associated poultry farmers also have a financial interest in BMC Moerdijk.


The second partner is the ZLTO agricultural and horticultural organization. ZLTO supports agricultural entrepreneurs in the provinces of Noord-Brabant, Zeeland, and Gelderland in achieving a sustainable position in the market and society. ZLTO has its own investment company (NCB Participaties) with which it works towards strengthening the position of Dutch agriculture and horticulture on a global scale.

PZEM Energy B.V.

The third shareholder is PZEM Energy BV, which apart from being a partner, is also a buyer of the green electricity generated by BMC Moerdijk. PZEM Energy focuses on the production, sale, and delivery of energy products and services in the business market. PZEM is actively involved in the transition to a CO2-neutral energy supply, which is also clear from its involvement in BMC Moerdijk.