The BMC Moerdijk power plant produces electricity 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our fuel is poultry litter, which is supplied daily by lorry. This poultry litter is from the over 600 poultry farmers who are members of the DEP Cooperative.


After arrival, the manure is first mixed thoroughly. This is an important step because only the incineration of well-blended fuel provides stable and optimal electricity production. The poultry litter ultimately ends up in the oven. During the incineration process, the temperature rises up to 1,000 °C. The heat generated is used to heat the water. The resulting steam is what ultimately drives the generator via the turbine, thereby generating green electricity at BMC Moerdijk!


The flue gases are then cooled, filtered, and cleaned. What remains is nitrogen and water, which are naturally found in the air. High-quality poultry litter ash is created: the important second product produced by BMC Moerdijk. This poultry litter ash is a very popular fertilizer due to the minerals it contains.