High-quality fertilizer

BMC processes 430,000 tonnes of poultry litter annually. The specialized incineration process results in 60,000 tonnes of poultry litter ash. This ash contains useful and valuable minerals like phosphate and potassium. These minerals are essential for helping crops grow and are costly because the global supply of them will eventually be depleted.


Research conducted by Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) and other research has shown that our poultry litter ash is comparable to artificial fertilizer in terms of agricultural value. That is why there is considerable demand for our poultry litter ash abroad. BMC currently sells poultry litter ash as fertilizer in England, France, and other countries.


This also enables BMC Moerdijk to contribute to closing the mineral cycle. Moreover, BMC connects phosphate-rich regions with phosphate-poor regions in a clever and efficient manner.


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